Preparing for Growth

rhospiritualguide_becomingI would like to write about a recurring theme that seems to have been coming up in my readings, in my life and in a lot clearings: it is EXPANSION.

Most people that have come to readings and into my life, including myself, are thinking of expansion. Not really a change, but adding more to what we are already doing.

Look at the skills you have now or what you are doing now and think what more can you do that will enhance what you are doing. Write down what you would like to do to expand and bring out more of your existing skills or knowledge. If you have a skill that you barely use, is it because you have to enhance it or expand it further? Or is there a fear of using it?

An example of expansion is how I gained a lot of knowledge in what I do in the way of clearings and readings. I would read books and search the internet. Every time I would find something that answered my question, but it would lead to another and I would then start researching the next question. It has kept going from there as it led to the next thing and the next knowledge etc.

Do you want to expand and you feel you know which direction you want to head, but when you get there it doesn’t seem right or not enough? In that case, stop to take a moment to think of what you can further add keep enhancing.

2015 the year of thoughts to expand. 2016 put the thoughts into action!