Christmas, Waiting and Gratitude

rhospiritualguide_waitingforChristmasIt’s December! We are anticipating the arrival of Christmas for many reasons. For some, it’s about the presents, for others it could be about looking forward to having time off with family and friends and a much needed break, or maybe it might even be anticipated travel.

We are looking forward to something coming, which is in keeping with Christmas or the meaning of Advent. Santa is coming or, for some, we wait for the arrival of baby Jesus.

Some of us are also looking forward to 2015 being over and are anxiously awaiting 2016. Will it be a good year? What is in store? What changes are coming ahead if any? Will some things you want to be finalized, actually be finalized?

Upon my reflection of Christmas, I am feeling Gratitude. This Christmas to me seems to be about gratitude for so many things. Family, friends, my pets, health and of course spirit.

Analyze this past year and think of things you can be grateful. Even if the year had it’s rough spots what can you be thankful for?

An example of unexpected gratitude in every day life happened to me recently. I was out walking and something went in my eye. It caused me excruciating pain. I had to go to the doctor and get help. He told me that I was lucky, when the object in my eye finally came out, but it had scratched the inside of my lid. I had to take unprescribed eye drops and anti-inflammatories.

I thanked the doctor and blessed him. Upon reflection I thanked the heavens that nothing worse happened to me and that I got through the situation as simply as I had even though I had to endure a day of pain.

Gratitude at Christmas. Give thanks during this Christmas season. Every day think of something that you are thankful for and tell spirit that you are. Start thanking! And thank you for reading my blog!