In my newsletter this month, I wrote about my experience walking through a labyrinth.  The labyrinth I walked through was located at Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario.

Walking a labyrinth is a deep spiritual exercise.  The representation of labyrinth is one of a spiritual journey.  Entering is the beginning of life and the core is the soul. Leaving it is taking the experience out into the world.

A Labyrinth should be walked slowly and with self-reflection.  One can walk meditatively and calmly.  Some say when they arrive at the center they ask for a word and take that word with them and once they cross the threshold they use and share that word in their everyday life and the world.

Some individuals experience a boost in creativity and it can provide spiritual insight.  Labyrinths have been created all around the world. One of the famous ones is the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in Chartres, France.  Look up a Labyrinth in your area.

There is something magical walking a labyrinth.  The first time I did I was worried I would not be doing it right.  I just kept moving through it, slowing down even more and taking time to breathe.  When I got to the middle I smiled happily. I made it!  There was a silence, a core to it and there was a feeling that felt soft and beautiful.  The venture out of the labyrinth was different from the walk within.  Just before I was about to step out of the labyrinth threshold I paused and spoke to the Holy.  I do recommend walking the labyrinth for spiritual growth.

Happy Halloween all!