The Many Faces of the Mother Goddess

goddess_rhospiritualguideThe Mother Goddess symbolizes many things. She can denote nature, motherhood, fertility or the earth’s abundance.

She is represented through many different goddesses from all cultures and civilizations. From Egyptian times being (Hathor and Isis), Aztec, Greek (Gaia and Rhea), Roman, Celtic, to Germanic and Slavic.

Hinduism lists many goddesses as well. Christianity focuses on Mary, Mother of Jesus. Mary is connected to motherhood, but also is seen to be protective and will help if asked through prayer to do so. Another title given to her is “Mediatrix”.

Mother Goddess is seen as a great creative force as she is responsible for rebirth, regrowth, and regeneration.

It is thought in some circles that prior to the patriachial society, which emphasizes worshipping of the sun, that in fact it there was worshipping of the earth mother, goddesses and female oracles inspired by the gods. They also worshipped the moon which is considered to be female energy.

Some goddesses are also connected with snakes, such as Chinese fertility goddesses, bulls, lionesses or birds. Women gave birth hence why they were associated with regeneration. Due to the “gatherer” theory for women, that is why there is the connection of female to earth. Eventually women deities were placed on thrones, symbolizing mountains.

Other symbols associated with Goddess are triangles and squiggles. Triangles symbolize the female private area. It connects with the bird symbol as they form a “V” when they fly. It is said that the entrances to old churches were built with the symbol of the female private area and that this would signify entering the womb. This explains the sense of peace one feels when you enter and sit in churches.

Choose a goddess and pray or meditate to her. She will provide enlightenment, protection and comfort. As women we should embrace our femininity and not see it as a weakness, but come to realize the power it holds. Men should embrace the goddess and understand what women have to offer and appreciate female gifts.