Expanding Your Energy

energy_rhospiritualguideSummer is almost over and one good sign is children going back to school. Some of you reading this newsletter may be going back to school yourself this year. Enhancing and expanding our education is always a good thing.

Educating ourselves in different areas of our life is always important, not only to help us getting a well paying job or a job we desire the most, but also to expand our soul.

Souls, like our body, need nourishing. We can do this by keeping our mind active by reading or learning new subjects.

Meditation, prayer or just talking or being still with spirit is a very important way of nurturing the soul. Soul is connected with spirit, creator, God etc so keeping the flow between spirit and soul is very important.

Recognize things that provide you peace. Walks in the park or near water. Reading or writing poetry. Just sitting still in your back yard. Painting or drawing. What brings you the most peace?

Recognizing what brings you peace is recognizing you and reconnecting with your self and soul. Spend time doing what makes you feel happiest. Even if it is talking to a friend.

Everything has energy. Even us of course! Understanding our energy and expanding it is important.

A small exercise: sit still and feel your energy. Then begin to expand this energy out filling the room feel your energy in the room. Imagine it being smokey and wispy like and expand it filling other rooms in your house or, if you are outside, stretch your energy to hug something. Stretching and feeling your energy is very relaxing.

Expansion of your mind, body and soul are important! Nurturing the soul is a good way of bringing positive light in your life. Make time to do things that make you happy and also expand your soul by learning something new that you were always curious about. Bon chance!