Finding the Love in the Worlds Around Us

rho_loveinnature It’s February.

February is considered the heart month and, as we all know, Valentine’s Day is approaching rather quickly.

Upon reflection, I am thinking of things I love and I am expanding my thoughts about what I love.

One of my current passions is my pursuit of Shamanic Practices, which is teaching me to see and love the world around me in different ways.

One new practice that I learned was divination using a rock, similar to interpreting cloud formations in the sky for answers. By looking for images in the rock you can interpret what you think it means for your question.

Natives believe in the upper world, where teacher spirits are, and middle earth and lower world, where animal spirits reside.

I did venture up to the upper world and I met my teacher there. I found that the teaching was very direct no nonsense and quick. It was an enlightening experience with lots of work and techniques shown.

I also got to meet and learn from my power animals. These animals are guides and we can have a few not just one. We should not tell others who are power animals are as it is very personal to us.

I am focused on journeys into the two worlds at the moment, the upper and lower, where I will receive answers, knowledge and understanding.

I conduct readings (divination) and I ask my guides, spirits and angels for guidance and help, which is very similar to how I interact with my power animals and my new teacher. I love the new expansion going on in my life. I believe all can work together and empower. Why keep things separate? I wish to embrace and combine to help and guide others as well as myself.

I am looking forward to my new journey and embrace it with love and happiness.