How Does Reiki Work?

rhospiritualguide_reikiA request regarding me teaching and performing Reiki has come up in my life.

Yes, I am a Master Reiki.

And I feel that I am starting to embrace the energy healing side of myself. This has all arrived since the commencement of my Shamanic Practitioner’s journey so that makes a lot of sense to me.

I would like to elaborate a bit about Reiki. It is a Japanese technique to help relax and reduce stress. The intention is to promote healing by inducing relaxation and reducing stress. Reiki is carried out in the “laying of hands”. It is thought that we have a life force which carries energy and it flows through us. If the force is low then we could easily get sick or get stressed. If, of course, it is on a high, we are considered to be more able be joyful and healthy.

The practitioner scans the body to determine what symbol to use to help in encouraging healing. The laying of hands begins and the energy is transferred.

The Reiki experience is different for everyone. Some people can actually feel something happening, others have indicated they just felt relaxed after. Something that helps and makes one feel good should always be considered a good thing!

The relationship with your practitioner is also important. If you are not feeling it and you want to feel something more, then try to find someone who can help with that, but also realize that you need to put yourself there as well. Energy work is an exchange of energy. Your energy and the practitioner’s. It works both ways.

If you are hesitant then realize that you need to attend a session when you are more open to receive Reiki, because it will not work well when it is one sided. You need to be open and also you need the will to exchange. Energy work is an exchange.

In prayer and meditation, only when you give a part of yourself will you receive. Reiki is the same.