Love and New Beginnings

rho_loveNewBeginningHappy Easter! Spring Solstice has also arrived. Amazingly the two are connected as Easter is celebrated after the first full moon following the spring solstice.

We know that during spring time many animals give birth while plants and trees begin to bud. This is a time of new births, new life and change.

Both Easter and spring are considered to be a time of renewal. Do some spring cleaning not only in the house, but on a spiritual level as well. Easter is a good time to reflect on promises made to yourself at the beginning of the year. Have you commenced the changes or renewal journey that you wanted to start?

Winter is considered to be more a quiet time; think, for example, of the hibernating bear. But the dormant, static time of winter is over and now renewal and change and movement has arrived. Spring is the time to “spring” into action.

Another meaning of Easter is love. One of the great ascended masters is celebrated during this time. His action demonstrates one of the deepest of sacrifices. We know he could have said “no”; however he chose “yes” and this is truly one of the most powerful displays of love.

Considering this love can help us take action in our own journeys. We need to love ourselves to love others.

Take strength from this and start putting into place any changes you were hoping to make. Maybe you wanted to take a meditation class but because of winter it felt cumbersome to get motivated or too hard to even to try to get to a class. Well then Spring is the time to begin and get moving!

Start the journey! This is the time! Begin anew!

Start the change.