Seeing and Changing the Future

rhospiritualguide_futureI was asked recently whether I can predict the future through my readings. I can see the future through readings. However, we are capable of changing our future as well.

If you decide to take a different path, that would change the reading I have just made. The beauty of who we are is that we have CHOICE. We can choose what we want to do in all situations. We can choose do to nothing or we can choose to enable change.

The other big question is: When will the future event happen?

I can give one a rough estimate, but in truth it can be difficult to predict exact timing. Everything must line up. There are people connected to our request that we do not realize.

For example, if you are looking to obtain a new job at a particular place of employment, everything necessary to allow this to happen must line up. If it is an existing position the person in that position will need to obtain a promotion or leave. If a new job needs to be created then the chain of events in the company must be allowed to take place. Spirit helps to line up events so that everyone is positively affected and to us this can be quite frustrating as it seems to take way too long to obtain our wish.

We need to understand that we are on this planet together and higher spirit’s intention is to try to keep everything balanced and positive.

As you can imagine higher spirit has quite the task to ensure this happens! As much as we can feel alone in this world, we truly are not. Our actions and thoughts affect each other as well as our energy. We are, in the end, connected to each other in some way.

In readings, I always encourage self-empowerment. If your wish for the future is positive then make it happen, but work and move at it positively. Clawing your way to the future may give you what you want, but you will be dealing with so much more than you anticipated.