Trying Something New: Tea Reading

rhospiritualguide_teaI decided to further expand my knowledge recently. I was on the Meet Up Website when I saw an invitation for a Tea Leaf Reading course.

Well, I’ve always wanted a Tea Leaf Reading and I have never had one so I thought “well if I cannot seem to obtain a Tea Leaf Reading why not learn how to do it?”

So I registered and off I went!

Historically tea leaf reading started in China and in Italy they would read coffee grinds!

All of the more recent tea leaf reading comes from England, Scotland and Ireland. The type of cup used is important and tea leaves that are more fibrous are best. The leaves need to stick to the cup to get a good reading.

You must always turn the cup counter clockwise when getting the leaves to stick. Also a certain amount of water needs to be in the cup. The area of where the leaves land would be either in the Now, Past, Present or Future.

It was quite enlightening to see what others saw in the cups.

I did a reading for one woman and she said it sounded pretty accurate. Another woman I actually had difficulty reading just because of the way the tea leaves landed, but I did see some minor things.

We were all excited about conducting our readings. I had my cup read and I think it was pretty bang on as well. It was amazing to see the shapes in the cup develop as we looked at the leaves and where they fell.

It was a 3 hour course and it was fun and great to learn. I met some great people. Afterwards I went and purchased tea for reading and a teapot with a diffuser.

Learning is fun especially when you are learning something you really want to!

This week, I encourage you to find a way to embrace new knowledge.