Connecting With and Healing Animals

rhospiritualguide_animalA couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful Sunday, I went to my first Reiki / reading session with an animal. It was horse – a beautiful steed!

I did not know what to expect. I performed Reiki and also read him or rather I communicated with the him. He was very gentle and told me where he needed more release of tension. I helped the owner or “mother” of the horse to understand what he was feeling and helped them communicate to each other. He seemed comforted the most when I placed my hands on his front chest just below the neck. Then he went into a very relaxed state which is what should happen when Reiki is performed on you.

I admit, previously I had kept quiet as I was reluctant to share my experiences about working in this area, however since I have agreed with the universe and creator to perform Reiki, I have been having a wonderful and even deeper experience with the spirit world.

Being more open about these experiences even took my performing Reiki on animal clients one step further!

Later, while I was working at the Earth Works, I was talking to a client about my Reiki experience with the horse . A woman standing near us was listening to our conversation and after the client and I parted, she asked me if I conducted readings. I told her “yes” and off we went.

This woman has a horse as well and is starting a business to help healing with her horse.

While this story could be seen as the usual “right place at the right time”, I believe this occurred due to the power of the universe. The woman was looking for direction and I needed further affirmation for me to continue performing Reiki on people and animals. I have mentioned in readings that the universe, creator, spirits, angels etc from the other side are always working with us to help and guide us. I believe my story is a subtle yet powerful example of this. I realized this reflecting on it this week.

The other side does help and it does connect us with each other. It is what we make of our experiences and how we treat each other that helps with what we need in our lives.

I truly was amazed yet again! I do not think I can ever stop being amazed by the other side!