Exploring Past Lives

rhospiritualguide_pastlivesI recently had a past life regression! What is interesting about this was not only what occurred during the process, but that I actually even had the session in the first place.

Four years ago, past life regression was brought onto my radar by many people. I was asked whether I believed in it, but at the time I was very on the fence.

About 2 or 3 years ago, I purchased a book called Many Masters, Many Lives written by Brian Weiss. The book opened me up to past life regression. I could not disregard it, and I began to think past life was quite possible in a positive light.

I ended up purchasing Past Life Cards which were created by Doreen Virtue with Brian Weiss. I now use those cards in all my readings. They seem to clarify a lot for clients, especially when it comes to relationships.

Lately an increase in client requests for past life regression sessions started up again. I met Cindy Campbell who conducts past life regression session at Earthworks. I asked her about it and what the method was like. She elaborated on her work and I found our many conversations to be interesting and clarifying at the same time.

I then began to think about past life more and more and decided that the best way to clarify was to have a session.

Cindy came over on a Friday night.

The first step was to be hypnotized. I went into a relaxing state where I actually saw myself floating. Everyone meditates differently, so what and how I experienced could be a little different than what you would experience.

While I was floating I also saw a door. There was nothing for a bit, then I suddenly heard the Cindy’s voice and I could see myself and Cindy in a world that was beautiful and lush green. It looked like we were in a meadow.

I began to see myself in different time lines in life. I was in the 1800s, 1940s, and 1950s and in each I was resolving and clarifying my present life. I was understanding more about myself.

It was a very enlightening experience. I felt at peace and refreshed, not at all frightened.

Throughout the session there were several major “aha” moments for many situations in my life. I actually shed tears, but not for sorrowful reasons more because I was finally understanding. I was also happy that there were connections with my present life and that situations and emotions in my present life were making sense.

I would say it felt like I was connecting the dots.

I am truly glad I had this experience and highly recommend it if you feel you need something to be explained that nothing else can seem to help clarify.