The power of love and connection

connection_rhospiritualguideI recently wrote a newsletter on Gratitude, but I wanted to blog further about the power of love and connection.

Earlier this month a beloved relative of mine had taken ill. She had been diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and it went into remission; however the cancer came back.

It brought about such a wide range of emotion. Sorrow, hope for a cure, upset, but most of all we were constantly telling each other to pray. Pray for hope, pray for change, pray for peace if the step to move to the next world was inevitable, but most of all pray for strength, not only for her, but for her family.

It felt very close. It was very close that she was to move to the next world, dimension, life, heaven whatever you want to call it.

After a week I received a call that she was doing better and even though not healed from the cancer, she was no longer in critical condition. What a relief!

It felt like a miracle and while she still has the cancer, her energy had shifted and she had returned back to finding her strength.

As a positive collective, we are powerful and beautiful. If we all remain positive we achieve wondrous things, especially if we do so with love, compassion and true pure connection.

The beauty of what I saw, expressed through action, was the power of love to heal.

Through group prayer and meditation comes the connection of human spirit or soul. Beautiful things indeed!

This is what all of us should do on a daily basis for each other, known and unknown, for the entire WORLD!!!