Balancing Body and Soul


Happy Fall!

I feel this is the month of preparation.  I spoke of the Fall Equinox in my newsletter, which is preparation in a sense because we know that what comes after fall is winter.

Personally something I am doing to get ready for winter is exercising.  I was very active in the past.  I would go for a run for almost two hours at a time four to five times a week, or if I only went three times a week I would then add cardio workouts to ensure I stayed fit.
However, as life unfolded with working longer hours and having children, time was used more for getting things done or sleeping.

Upon reflection of late, I made a decision to head back into the world of fitness.  I just do workouts that I pick out from online.  I don’t head to the gym and going for a two hour run at the moment is still next to impossible, however 30 minute workouts are somewhat easier to work in.  Walking is also a good form of exercise as well.  It is a simpler form and also a cheaper way to get healthy.

While we do need to always work on our soul, we need to work on our bodies as well.  It can be difficult to work on the soul if the body is not feeling strong and healthy.  Eating healthy and ensuring your body is working like a well oiled machine helps with soul work.As we all know it is about balance. Balance with all our parts, soul, body and mind, are all important for healing.

Working some form of exercise into your life helps because once you get used to endorphins kicking in your body you will want to feel that feeling more and more.  Endorphins help with stress.  They are natural receptors to our bodies.

Similar to feeling at peace and content after mediating, endorphins create a natural high in the body.

Try it folks!  Get those endorphins going!  Give your body and soul a natural hug!