When Children See Spirits

courage_rhospiritualguideRecently I have had several discussions about children that have demonstrated “abilities” or seem to be “gifted”. They are aware of spirits that others cannot see or seem to communicate with spirits.

It is actually quite common for all children to display this type of behaviour up until around the age of 7 or 8. Yes – those of you reading this most likely experienced some of this as children.

People believe if it continues after the age of 7 or 8 (or some believe after 10 years of age) children will become adults that are highly intuitively or sensitively gifted.

I do wish to express that actually we all are gifted. However some of us wish to continue to stay deeply connected to the other world while some of us do not really want to. Several reasons why could be fear or due to up bringing that belief in spirit is not acceptable. These are just some minor examples of why a disconnect happens.

Getting back to the children now. This is what I would recommend: definitely tell the child they are safe and indicate how by saying for example, “mom and dad are here for you and you are safe”. Also, helping them to feel that it is not unnatural for them to see what they see.

This will definitely have to be acceptance on your part. Do some research on the subject. Not all ghosts or spirits are mean or coming to hurt. Some come in to protect and just have a funny way of expressing their presence. Yes it can be a bit unnerving when you walk into a room and someone is there and then disappears very quickly.

Spirits need energy to allow us to see them. It takes a lot of years of having passed to appear. One of the greatest conduits of power is water. Electricity is operated by water. That’s why most times in movies it’s in a bathroom mirror people see images. Three great sources in a bathroom, water, electricity and our energy all a great recipe for a ghostly appearance. If one is relaxed it is also easier to see and feel spirits around. Of course as adults we now have to take time out to be relaxed. As children, we were naturally relaxed; hence, why children are also able to see what they see.

If the feeling of the spirit is not positive or protective, you can send the spirit away. Use these words to send spirit away “leave, go back to where they belong, not ever to return again”. Sometimes this sentence should be repeated several times to send the unfriendly spirit away. Also do not approach the spirit with fear, but more like a command and make it understand that it is not welcome. Parents or family members that have love towards the child can protect with the powerful energy of LOVE. Send protection around your children everyday using your own words of love.

Discussions of angels is also a soothing way of helping children. Purchasing a statute of an angel, doll etc is also helpful. Even a stuffed animal that is empowered with your love and the child’s love can be helpful. Night lights can also be beneficial and yes some children need a full light for sleeping.

Help children understand through love and positive direction and when they become adults in the future hopefully they will do the same.