Learning to Trust in an Uncertain World

hope_rhospiritualguideOf late, there is a lot of anxiety in the world.

We are bombarded by the media and by other people’s conflicting opinions and values. It becomes difficult to make our own judgements and decisions. And it becomes difficult to trust that others will make the right decisions.

My grandmother always said “If you can’t change your concern or control your concern then on the third day get it out your head.” This was a woman who lived through 2 world wars and lived to be 101.

Don’t stress over things you can’t change. Instead of complaining or worrying, we should focus on putting good energy into the situation. We need to ask that the Universe or God or Creator provide good guidance and bring peace.

That is a better use of our energy instead of spewing anger, shock and fear at our circumstances.

All hope is not lost. The sun and moon still return daily, making us understand that we are still watched over.

Give things a chance and push peace and good guidance into the world.