An Exercise: Creating Change from Where You Are

change_rhospiritualguideAs I indicated in my newsletter, 2017 totals the number 1. Looking at oneself this year and wanting to make changes is very relative to the number 1.

The number one also relates to new beginnings, the first day of creation. It means uniqueness, will power, motivation and leadership. It is associated with raw energy, intuition and activity. It is a masculine number connecting as well to tenacity, fame, joy, love and authority. The negative side of number one is aggression, inconsideration, stubbornness, passivity, dependence and arrogance.

But the number one is also linked to courage, strength, creativity, self-reliance, willpower and the ability to use your own resources.

It is a number that leads to action. Since it is a number connected to the self it seems appropriate to be a year of putting in an individual effort to change certain things that we are not happy with. Another way of looking at it is that we should open up a new side of ourselves never seen before to us and others.

The key is to do things that are “more related to yourself” in a way that takes you out of your comfort zone.

A task you can do right now is to start assessing where changes should be made. Analyze yourself. Not in a super critical way, but in a way that you are literally analyzing yourself. For example, start thinking of an upsetting situation. The first thing we all do is to blame someone or something. STOP right there!

Say to yourself, what can I do to change the situation? Keep it at the “I”. Write down some of the suggestions you are thinking. Then think of another situation. Is it pretty similar to the first situation you thought of? Is there a pattern? Patterns show a lot about us, about the choices and decisions we make.

Patterns can change, but we need to implement that change. If the next situation is different, that’s fine – again STOP and analyze. Even if the second situation was different is there at least one thing that is recurring? Self-analysis and understanding are ways that lead to healing because we acknowledge and learn about ourselves without fear. We do this with understanding.

We learn to understand ourselves and not fear the healing. From there, changes will follow naturally.