Time to Focus

focus_rhospiritualguideNovember is here! The message I received is to “focus”. This is the month before the upcoming holidays of December, Christmas for some and winter cometh as well!

November is the month of preparation and getting ready. Focus on what it is you really want not only for this upcoming season, but also for the winter coming. Make plans. Plan something for each month or if you are super eager, prepare a list for the weeks to come. Make a schedule and stick to it! FOCUS!

November has always been to me the beginning month of stillness or preparation for winter. November 1 is considered to be All Saints day, November 2 is considered to be All Souls and November 4 is the full moon. Quite a bit happening in the next few days for all of us!

The full moon of November 4 is considered to be a Super Moon. A super moon is when the moon is considered to be closest to the earth.

All Saints is a day dedicated to people we may feel an affinity to that have been classified as saints. Light a candle and meditate or pray on a saint that you feel an affinity to. It is believed that if you make a request and that request is made sincerely to a saint that your request will be bestowed. Although, again, it must be made with good intention and with sincerity.

All Souls is the day dedicated to loved ones that have passed on. It is a day of veneration to family members, friends, acquaintances and those we have cared for that have passed on. Some believe this starts on October 31 (Halloween) as the veil is said to be thinnest between this world and the spiritual world starting on October 31. As the number 3 has a spiritual significance the beginning of the thinning of the veil begins October 31 and ends on November 2, hence the veneration to the souls that have passed on.

November is a month of focus and preparation. Make your preparations. Create a weekly list or just one list for this month. Remember to give gratitude and observe, sometimes that is all that is needed.