Living in the Spiritual World

48B5B17C-80A4-4E33-9B55-6B11BA071DD9Sometimes it happens that one can actually be in the present dimension and the spiritual dimension at the same time when one is fully aware. This happened to me recently.

It was the morning after the first snow fall and I was cleaning off my car. It was a quiet morning. I was alone and it was early dawn. The sky was a blue/gray and there was a soft mist all around. I was feeling quiet and peaceful. I felt compelled to turn and look over my right shoulder. I did and nothing was there when suddenly what looked like a little dog came around the corner from my neighbour’s tree. It was running and hopping towards me.

For a split second, I thought “where is your owner?” and I was getting ready to bend and pet it when our eyes locked and I realized it was a fox. The fox acknowledged me and quietly left and ran down the street. It was beautiful. Its tail was bushy and red. It moved away quietly and I watched as it disappeared.

When it disappeared, the noises of the day began. Cars suddenly drove past and people started to come out of their homes. This dimension’s “noise” was back.

I felt a flush of warmth when I realized I had just been in the spiritual dimension. I thanked and appreciated the glimpse that was given to me. The glimpse that the spiritual dimension is always available and around and connected to us.

I share my experience with all of you to let you know that the spiritual world is but a veil between us and is always there. They are there to guide and help. I encourage you to connect to your spiritual guides, angels or ascended masters, whomever you have an affinity to. Embrace the season and embrace those that have moved onto their next journey in the spiritual world. Know they are around and listening to us.