How to Meditate

clearmind_rhospiritualguideIn my newsletter for this month I spoke about meditation. I just want to explain a bit more about the benefits you can achieve.

Meditation is a means to help manage stress and to keep one feeling and being balanced. Meditation is for everyone. It helps to help calm and slow the mind down. Meditation also helps us to focus. You should be seated comfortably and not lying down as it is easy to fall asleep. The best way to start meditation is to learn breathing techniques.

If you are new to meditation, I recommend you practice on your breathing techniques first. When first starting meditation set a timer to 5 minutes and then begin the breathing. Inhale slow and feel each breathe as it enters you. Feel the breath going in through your nose and going deep into your lungs. As you are breathing in imagine a white light entering and as you exhale slow image a grey light leaving. Do this for at least 5 breathes.

As you begin to feel relaxed think of a pleasant image that you love or think of a positive word. It could be anything “love”, “Creator”, “trees”, “healing”, etc. Focus on the word and the image it looks like or could look like. Then feel it, sit with it, embrace it. You may receive a message or a word or you may just feel the stillness. Just embrace what is happening and be still.

When you are ready to come out of your meditation then do the same 5 breathes, but instead of exhaling grey light, imagine releasing green light for healing to the world.

Come back to the present moment and the timer should be going off and you are done! Now you are ready to face the day!