A Recent Example of Manifestation

manifest_rhospiritualguideIt’s November. Wow! Are you feeling, like I am, that the year just flew by?

I mentioned in my newsletter that I was taking a course in Thai Massage. My first lesson ended up being a private lesson as there wasn’t enough enrolment and, since the owner was still committed to teaching, she actually let me have a private lesson for the regular price. So wonderful she is like that.

When the second part of the course was arriving, I asked the Universe wouldn’t it be cool to have another private lesson?

The weekend that just passed, I was supposed to meet with some friends however they had to cancel. The next day I received a call from the Thai Massage teacher. She needed to rearrange the upcoming weekend and was hoping I was willing to get another private lesson without the extra cost. So awesome! I was so happy.

This is a good example of Universe listening and being there. When I made may request I did not obsess about it, I just said it and let it go. It listened!

The action of my friends cancelling was all a part of the motion to propel the request. The teacher received what she wanted and so did I.

This is a great example of manifestation. Sometimes manifestation does take longer, but I truly believe if things are lined up and everything is in sync then situations shift quicker and with great rhythm.

It worked out for the better in the end for both of us. Such a beautiful and wonderful comfort to know the Universe is there. I had to share this story with you in the hopes that you will make an attempt to manifest. It’s for all of us and I cannot express how wonderful it is when situations line up working out for everyone!

Universe is out there. Embrace it!