Gratitude and Connection

connect_rhospiritualguideAs I write this blog, I think of how we can see God / Creator / Spirit in each other.

A long time ago, I used to work nights. I was in great need of a good cup of coffee. The office coffee was really not the greatest so I left on my break to get a coffee at Tim Hortons. After leaving the shop all I could think of was how wonderful the coffee was going to taste. I wanted to sip and savour it when I was in the office. I was so excited!

However, as I was walking towards the office, there was a big blanket laying on the street. Suddenly, someone sat up under the blanket. The man said “hello” with a big smile. I did what I had once promised to do. I handed this stranger my coffee. Why did I do that you say?

Well, during that time in my life I began on a very intense spiritual journey. It all began on a night about a year prior. I was driving home after working my night shift. I was approached by a street person while in my car and he asked if he could clean my car window. I said no, I didn’t want it clean. I was pregnant as well. The man became irate and banged the car window with his squeegee. I was terrified. The light changed. He left, and I drove off. I thought of that man a lot and I decided how could I change that circumstance and my fears.

I decided I would carry extra fruits, vegetables or granola for street people to hand out if I was approached. I also decided to hand street people coffee if they seemed in need of one. I would buy a coffee for myself and an extra one when I saw a street person sitting outside a coffee shop.

So back to my blanket story. There I was ready to savour my coffee and I had to hand it away as I had promised. I did it. That night though I was not feeling very compassionate, I must admit. I was looking forward to that coffee. I went home that night thinking about it. Next day was Saturday and we decided to go through the Tim Horton’s drive-through for breakfast. Mind you, this was a treat for us. We decided to do this because we had a lot do and it was easiest to just buy breakfast and be on our way.

We ordered breakfast, but when we drove up to the drive through window to pay we were told our order was paid for! The car ahead had paid! I started to cry. For me it was affirmation of the journey. I felt the power of Creator. I had given last night, and it was reciprocated. I felt such a connection at that moment, affirmation and I was humbled.

We are One and we are watched over and guided. My spiritual journey continues and has grown immensely since that time. Trust in the journey, trust in yourself, but most of all trust in Creator! We are loved.