The Meaning of Numbers

Happy New Year! Everyone!

In my newsletter I spoke about 2023 totalling seven this year.  Here is what I wrote:

2023!  Well, this year does total the number “7”.  It is considered a number that embraces understanding and deepening the spiritual life.  The number 7 is considered a lucky number.  Ancients believed that if you saw this number a lot then it was considered the message to mean that you were on your right life path.  The number 7 is thought to be a positive number.  The number 7 is used in terms such as 7 days of the week, 7 wonders of the world, etc.  The number 7 can also indicate that changes are coming.

Numbers can be viewed in many ways to have meaning and provide insight into understanding by using such means as numerology, life path numbers, spiritually, angelically etc.

Life path numbers provide knowledge of the type of person you are, how you perceive the world and how you are influenced.  In order to calculate your life path, you need to add your month plus day of birth plus year of birth.  So, for example: 7 + 10 + 2023 = 15 breakdown further to by adding 5 + 1 = 6.  Your life path would be “6”.  However, there are certain number that cannot be broken down like “11” for example 12 + 10 + 2023 = 11.  There are many websites, books and oracle decks that explain and provide a detailed understanding of numerology and life path numbers.  I recommend doing your research and finding out more on the subject.

Angel numbers are numbers that appear together for example 111, 777 or 7707.  It is believed that these numbers are bringing guidance from the angelic realm.  It may be your guardian angel trying to show you a sign about something that needs to be done or will be occurring.  When we do not spend time meditating or communicating with the spiritual realm, they do find other ways to communicate.  Again, there are websites, books, oracle cards, etc. that explain the meaning of the angelic numbers.

I hope this piques an interest in pursuing the meaning of numbers.  It is another connection to Divine and the inner self.  Happy pursuing!