Interpreting Dreams

I mentioned dreams in my May newsletter so I thought I would write a little more about dreamwork.

Dreamwork can be used to receive clarification and understanding.  It is another form of communication with the Divine.  Dreams do offer, at times, elements of prophecy.  I have had the occasional prophetic dream to help warn me and guide me.

Dreams need to be interpreted and this is where it can be tricky.  Dreams interpretations are available through dictionaries and through dream dictionaries online.  These can be helpful, but to come to a better understanding we also need to understand what things represent to us.

For example, if you dream of entering a museum what would you connect with a museum.  A museum holds artifacts.  Old historical items are held there.  Those items are considered valuable because it holds items from the past.  At times special exhibits are also viewed at the museum.  Keeping this in mind a possible interpretation could be that something from your past is coming forward that needs to be resolved.  Perhaps a lesson not yet learned or needs to be dealt with.  The dream is guiding you back to something from the past.  The value of this understanding, dealing, healing and learning will be valuable to the person who has the dream.

I strongly suggest that a dream journal be kept.  Write down your dreams even if you can only remember fragments, in that way you can begin to understand what items in your dream mean to you and for you.  We all have different experiences in life and our dreams are unique as we are.

Divine is always trying to help and communicate even through dreams. One way to deepen the relationship with ourselves and Creator is in building understanding our dreams.  Buy a journal and start recording!