Legacy and Mediumship

In my newsletter this month I discuss ancestry and legacy and the importance of both.  For me these also have a bearing on mediumship so I thought I would write about my experiences with that. 

To be clear, I am only speaking on my behalf and not for other mediums, as I do believe that each medium offers a different experience and approaches mediumship differently.

When I conduct mediumship readings, I connect with who wants to come through for the person.  This may be someone who has recently passed or someone who has passed away long long ago. By long ago I mean that I have had great grandmothers and great grandfathers come in – of course most clients have never ever met them. 

Also, it may be a relative who lived in another country and the client has never met them or the client was an infant and the person that has come through had passed away before client was old enough to remember them.

Why do they come in?  Because they have something to say.  They are with you and protect you.  You could be a kindred spirit on this earth.  So, if you had known each other you would have likely gotten along wonderfully.

I have also experienced where the client’s mother had lost a child, that child can come through even though obviously the person never knew or met this child ever since they passed away prior to being birthed. 

That is why I believe that ancestry is so important and something that should be embraced and not discarded or seen as unimportant.

I have also had individuals that were friends of the family but were embraced as if they were a relative instead of a friend.  So perhaps they were called “uncle” or “auntie” or “godmother” or “godfather”.  They too will come through. Love does emanate through from the beyond and most times they express love or they could even be seeking forgiveness.

As well, if someone does not have a specific loved one come through, I can try and call them into the reading and see if they will come and visit and chat with the person I am reading.

I wish to emphasize that again that this has been my experience as a medium; it does not mean that all mediums have the same experience as I do.  We all approach the veil differently just as we are all unique in our own way.