Envisioning Change

Happy New Year!

It’s 2024! 2024 is the number 8 in numerology.  In my newsletter I discussed that this year will be a year of changes and that change cannot happen without some form of disruption or trial or tribulation. Change is never smooth, but it is necessary in order to let the new in and the old ways that are dated and no longer work out.

Changes can make it feel like we have control over things.  However, we can feel more grounded if we make plans around those changes.  What sort of new project can you work on in your personal life?  I have started a family tree project with a family member. This most likely won’t be finished this year, but we are excited about what we will discover about our family and are excited about seeing the tree put together.

Another suggestion is to create a vision board for 2024.  What would your vision board look like? What sorts of things would you like to see happening for 2024?  Put some thought into it. Vision boards are a great way to manifest.  By looking at your vision board you can revise it over time by adding to it or even if you need to create another vision board for some other vision you have done so.  It encourages creativity and hope in one’s life.

Let us see what 2024 has to offer!

In peace, Rho