Creating Space

In my newsletter I discussed the term “holding space”.  The term has popped up quite a bit in life especially since I have begun working as a Spiritual Companion for others and volunteering as a Hospice Care Person.

Holding space is about expressing compassion and being with a person without judgement.  It’s about being present and expressing empathy.  Silence and deep spiritual or holy listening is another aspect of holding space.  The other part I have found that is a part of holding is space is being able to spiritually and imaginatively to expand the space that is being held when the person is needing an expansion of that space. It is not only holding wider, but deeper as well.

Holding space is willing to spiritually say to someone, I am there and holding.  If you need to me speak I will.  Sometimes it is about asking a further question or just saying “tell me more about it”.  It’s being there for whatever arises.

The important thing is being aware that you do not have to offer advice. It’s just truly being there for others. It’s creating a safe space for a person to discuss whatever they need to discuss and whatever they need to share. If they want to share a story or a poem they can feel open to do so.

Creating space is about openness.  Putting aside our own biases and experiences and being open to receive whatever arises in the other. Learning to create space begins with truly listening and also noting that perhaps there is the person’s spiritual guardian and yours, ever present, guiding and assisting along the way.