About Star Children: Crystal

crystalchildren_rhospiritualguideOur second installation of the Star children is about Crystal children.

Some characteristics Crystal children share is that they are extremely sensitive, like Indigos, and they are warm and forgiving. They may appear weak, however they are nothing but. They are actually very strong.

They love rocks, crystals and also blingy jewelry. They can have very deep intense stares. They also may have large eyes. Often they may have delayed speech. They are communicating with the other side and can communicate telepathically hence the delay in speech.

They are here to spread peace and love. Their frequency is very high. Because they are crystal they reflect back to the universe energy they have received. Whether the energy is received is not important to them as it will be sent back. When Crystal children send back energy to the Universe it is much more powerful.

Crystal children sometimes are not well liked by negative energy people. Crystal children may sometimes experience people just not liking them even if they have done nothing wrong or have not even said anything.

These children are highly connected to the other side and are in constant communication with higher realms. They have a love of animals and can easily understand and speak to them.

They are known to be healers, sensitives and have psychic abilities. They believe in oneness and love to discuss about the higher consciousness and connections to the universe. They also enjoy philosophical conversations. They love music and are artistic. They dislike loud noises and unnatural bright light.

They are great teachers to parents. They need to be treated equal in families and be involved in family decisions. They do not like fighting or arguments. They see the bright side and higher side of life. Parents and family members can learn a lot from these children.

Having a peaceful and calm environment is very important for Crystal children in there family life. Involvement with the parents is important. Parents need to understand energy work with these children. Parents need to get a better understanding of raising frequency to help these children feel safe and balanced. It will also help in understanding their Crystal child.

Crystal children display a lot of affection. They like to hug, but also love to give hugs. A good exercise to do with your Crystal child (if you believe your child is) is to sit across from your child and place palms onto each other’s palms and close your eyes together and ask your child to show where they came from or their other world. It will help in understanding and connecting better with them.

Finally, they can become totally exhausted and gritty because of all the energy work they do throughout the day. They need to beam up their energy. Therefore, they will need rest and a quiet and peaceful space.

Crystal children have such an immense amount energy, if they were truly allowed to display their power we most likely wouldn’t need electricity – just them!