Closing Portals and Working with Channeling

power_rhospiritualguideAs promised, I am writing about how to close or seal portals or channels and also how to prepare you space before you commence connecting or channeling with spirits.

As discussed in my previous blog, an energy vortex is created by natural energy environmental forces. With regards to a positive energy vortex the energy shoots up and a negative or yin energy votex, the energy shoots down into the ground. Neither are really bad they just serve different purposes.

If you feel you have this type of natural vortex on your property you can seal it. First you should thank the vortex for the energy it has provided and then visualize the energy returning to where it came from. If you feel it came from the earth then send it back deep into the earth. Visualize it moving deep deep into the earth right into the core of the earth. Place sacred objects on the area but place them horizontally. Sacred objects could be a talisman or crystals. You could also use sounds to help send it back like bells or chimes. After you feel you have closed the vortex remove all objects you have used and if you think this vortex has been around for a long time then the objects should be buried at the very least one kilometre away. If the vortex has been around for only a few days or a couple of weeks you do not have to bury the objects as far.

The final thing is to avoid revisiting the vortex area with the vortex on your mind as you may reawaken the vortex just by your thoughts or intentions.

How to set up space for channelling. I would light a candle, white or light blue or pink. These colours are symbols of light energy. Set your boundaries or indicate what you want to work with. Something like: “In this work I am about to conduct, I wish to connect with only those who are of the Divine Light, speak truth and pure truth and wish to connect with the highest and greatest good for all involved and with pure love”.

Then begin the channelling work. If you sense there is something wrong stop immediately close the channel. How to close a channel: “Thank you for sharing your messages and your guidance today. I close this channel with divine light and love. Our session is now complete. Thank you again.” I usually envision a door closing or white mist evaporating towards the candle and blow out the candle.

Happy and safe channelling!