Finding Peace in Letting Go

surrender_rhospiritualguide As promised in my newsletter, today’s blog is about surrendering and the peace that it brings.

Surrendering, in a sense, is about letting go. It is also about acceptance. It is letting the soul take over as opposed to letting the ego continue to guide. In surrendering, we actually let go of our fears. These fears can be so powerful that we do not even realize we are operating in fear.

Think of a fear you have. For example, will I succeed? So you do things to try to succeed. You read books on it. You try to connect with successful people, to get into the right group that you think will help you achieve your goal. You jump at every opportunity that comes your way. You are doing this all alone and also just by what you may have read, seen or heard by others or just you guessing it is what you should do. What if you still do those things, but instead of jumping at everything, you ask for guidance or understanding first and also ask if you are following the right path? Good relationships are built on trust. If you do not trust someone the relationship will not work. Courage is another aspect of surrender. A relationship with a higher power is built on these two stilts, courage and trust!

Recently, I had my own little surrender story. I was heading to a client’s house to conduct a clearing and on that same day I was to have my son’s friends come over to watch a Formula One race. Being the ever protective mother, I wanted to be back to ensure all would run smooth, but just in case, I had partially prepared what most likely would be needed. Everything was under control. Well as life would have it, I took a wrong turn when I was driving and was lost heading to the client’s home which set me back half an hour! Yikes!

I was frantic. Then I realized that everything was out of my hands, and so I surrendered. I called the client, and then I called my son to explain that I would most likely not back in time to help with the get together.

Of course he was fine and I was worried (worry is fear based by the way). In the end, the clearing went wonderfully and when I eventually got home, the young gentlemen were happily engaging in watching the race and boisterous in their camaraderie! I was panicking and worried about absolutely nothing. It flowed the way it should and all went well.

This example I am providing is a simple example but it can be applied on a larger scale. Surrendering is to believe in love and that a higher power is there to help.

We will continue the theme of surrender in my next blog post, where I will talk about specific techniques to try..

In peace,