Surrender: Letting Go to Receive

receive_rhospiritualguide In continuing my talk about surrender, I can say that if you do try embracing it, it can feel quite freeing. Here is a simple exercise that you can try:

Think of something that you would like. What you would like should not be a surface item. Think of what you would like, but go deeper. So for example, I would like more money. Is it really more money or is it really the freedom that you would feel if you had money to do exactly what you would like. Thus, it is not the money you really desire, but freedom instead. Then analyze “freedom” freedom from what, who or why? Keep going with that. Until you understand what your soul is really desiring.

When you finally do figure it out then let go! How to do this? Think of the desire and feel your shoulders relax as opposed to tensing up. Feel your breath and turn it into desire breathing. Desire in and hold and imagine releasing it up to the universe as you breathe out. Think of higher power and your soul becoming one and imagine yourself handing over your desire. Do this simple exercise as often as you are able.

Imagine your desire coming to fruition and you acting it out. This helps it manifest when you surrender because you are putting belief into it. Higher power is not a negative power, nor is it mean or vengeful. It is a spirit that wants to help and connect, so look for clues that guidance is coming. Look at everyday life things, hearing a song, a book falling and a certain word or title of a book that sticks out. Remember it is a relationship and you are working together so do implement some desire through action. Our action and work in our desire is also important, but we always need to move with peace and understanding with our actions. Patience is important. Spirit times things in order that all those people and things connected to your request are treated fairly. Once you have received your desire remember to be thankful!

Here is another short exercise prior to starting surrender: Think of a situation where you were extremely worried or felt compelled to control and it all worked out in the end. All in the same time, but not the way you wanted it to flow, but it still worked out. It happens for reasons at the time that are unknown, but upon reflection are well understood.