Listening to Spirit

When approaching Spirit, it is important to give ourselves the space and flexibility in order to more fully understand the messages given.

This is part of the reason that I have several modalities that I use.  I perform Reiki, mediumship, meditation, dream interpretation and can read Akashic Records.  I have a Spiritual Mentor Certificate from Atlantic University (whose program is based on the teachings of Edgar Cayce). I am presently studying Spiritual Direction here in Ontario along with studying how to be a Death Doula.

While I have all these modalities, I also am curious about other modalities.  I have studied Tarot and have taken an online course to understand Tarot.  I also like to have readings done myself, but I approach different modalities than mine.  Recently I went to have a Vedic Astrology reading. I must say it was amazing.  I have a second session booked later in the month as we were not able to complete the reading in the one-hour session.  It is a very detailed reading.

One of the interesting subjects that came up during the reading was that the astrologer said he could not read himself.  My response was, “I do not think we should.”  I have been asked many times do you read yourself.  My response is sometimes.  It is only occasionally and not in the same way I read others. 

I prefer having a conversation with my spirit guides and Creator rather than sitting in a formal reading.  The conversation does not always provide a direct answer.  It can be cryptic and I also have to rely on my dreams to connect the dots and obtain a deeper understanding of what the answer or guidance was relayed to me. 

The reason for this is to give me the space to absorb and understand what it is for me to do.  There is free will after all.  I can be guided, but in the end, I have to take the step or create the action.

We are the pebbles that create the ripple effect.  Good or bad.  If we are creating positive changes we need to express the courage and bravery for the change we wish to enable.  Our guides and Creator are always there wanting to help and guide.  It is a relationship that needs dedicated time, awareness, connection and understanding. 

Create the space to spend the time with the spiritual world.  We came from there, we are guided from there and eventually we will return there.