Awareness and Relationships

We are entering into the summer season.  As we do, we tend to meet up and connect with others much more than during the winter season.

Meeting up and connecting with others deepens our relationships.  We enjoy sharing our time and experiences.  It is said that humans, deep down inside, do not wish to be alone.  We are social creatures.  But even if we are equipped this way, we can find that relationships, at times, can be difficult.

I have been taking a spiritual direction course. Since taking this course I learned that one way to deepen a relationship is to sincerely listen to others and to hold space while listening.  We also need to be aware of how much we project ourselves onto others and how much we unconsciously attempt to control others or situations.

We humans are complicated beings.  Behind control is fear.  Behind bullying is fear.  Working on ourselves, by understanding ourselves and doing shadow work is a necessary thing.  Shadow work is going to the place we do not like going within ourselves and it can be difficult especially if there is a lot of pain.  However, taking the time to do this work and sitting with it can provide knowledge, understanding, healing and soul expansion.

It’s asking the difficult questions, for example:  In what way am I like my parents? What was I taught to value in my family?  How am I blocking my path to happiness?  Why do I hold myself back? Why do I feel like I am less than others?  When I do feel superior to others?  When was the last time I experienced bliss and what had happened for me to experience bliss?

In doing shadow work we encourage the light that is within us to come forth.  We begin to see and feel how much we have buried or pushed down our Divine light by allowing the illusions of daily life to control how we behave and act towards ourselves and others. 

In order to spiritually awaken we need to be aware.  We need to be aware of ourselves and our continuous patterns and beliefs.  Divine is love and if we do not tap into that love that is within us how can we truly share that love with others and nature.  Imagine seeing your child self in front of you now, what would you begin to say to your child self?  What fears would you let go?

The kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you will be to others.  Be compassionate to yourself and then you will be compassionate to others.  You cannot expect someone to be nurturing if you refuse to nurture yourself and those closest to you. 

As you begin this work you also need to trust the process.  Trusting in the process means it could take months or a few years, but know that while this is happening Divine has not left.  It is always there guiding, nurturing and most of all loving you.